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It all began with the simplicity of a single string of wool and its connection to the light…


Everything starts with a single string of wool. The process of felting is a true heritage of craftmanship, as it begins with brushing thousands and thousands of wool strings together. This initial step results a light and silky mesh, a smooth veil to the touch, the true basic ingredient to build our material. The real felting commences by layering these veils on top of each other and interlocking each of them with a signature circular damping motion under steam press. Twelve layers of veil results one millimetre of the total thickness of the final product, but the rest is up to us, as technically nothing else is restricted.


These two fundamental steps in the manufacturing process are all carried out in a factory that bears a wonderful heritage in its machinery and methods, soaked up its own history during the past century. The result of this laborious process is a 100% natural, firesafe and self-cleaning material, bearing beautiful earthy scent and tones, a blend of qualities which we all enjoy, and also having an inviting touch to it.


As we looked into the process of creation on the felt, we tend to discover our reach of innovation that we could introduce to it: by layering up different colours of veils on top of each other, we can receive wonderful mixture of gradient patterns. As we cannot fully influence the outcome of our this colouring method, all the results are tend to be unique on their own,

just like our own fingerprint, one belongs to each of us. The felt is being set with a zip-fastener on its longitudinal side, creating a robe that hugs around the rest of our design. Let’s look into it: The core of our structure is the chassis, which builds around the light source, available in different materials, each representing an impressive level of craftmanship,

as it’s either being lathed from hardwood or being deep drafted from aluminium, creating a diversity in option during the assembly of the product. The chassis is being sculpted perfectly in a way to integrate the light source and the wiring connection within its body, showing no visible screwheads once fully assembled.

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Simplicity was the key while creating this light piece, as we were eager to introduce a dimming method that could be carried out via the usage of the zip-lock mechanism, creating a soft bond with the user. As being required to strip down or strike up the zip-fastener to a setting which is up to our liking and being best applicable to the current scenario, we are being led to a frequent interaction of dressing the lamp, up to countless times throughout its usage, deepening our relationship within along the way.

The options are limitless as it’s up to us to control the ratio between the direct, indirect and translucent light being emitted into our personal space. The piece is also incredibly mobile, so we should hold back oftentimes re-deciding its exact position in our home.


Down to the last detail.

Being true to itself, this piece applies fitting details all around its body that helps fulfilling its sophisticated style. The body itself is being presented being brushed and lacquered as being made from brass, anodized as being made from aluminum or stained and honed as being made from wood. The electrical cable is textile coated, and apart from its aesthetics, it also applies an additional layer of insulation. The zip-fastener slider is being set with charms that is satisfying to grip and use, inviting everyone furthermore to set the felt to their personal liking.


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